Offer your customers a simple and secure way to sell their home.

Offerhive is an agent-powered iBuyer platform which connects sellers with a Member of The Guild of Property Professionals and a certified Property Buying Partner: to repair broken chains and mitigate the risk of fall throughs.

Offer your customers choice

With Offerhive, you can offer your customers the choice between selling via private treaty (traditional sale), modern method of auction or via Offerhive.

Give your customers an offer within 72 hours

Once you have entered your customers’ details into the Offerhive platform, we will come back with an offer from our Property Buying Partner within 72 working hours, for you to onward communicate to the customer.

Repair chains

A seller does not have to be registered with you to use Offerhive, allowing you to help repair a chain further down the line. All you need to do is tell us that the seller is using another agent!

How it works



Request your free, no-obligation offer online on behalf of your customer

Simply provide us with your customer's address, validate details about the property and tell us about its current condition.

Property information we will need from you

Generate a Provisional Offer Range

Based on the property details, our algorithms use data from market-leading sources to generate a Provisional Offer Range.

What is a Provisional Offer Range?

Receive the offer from our Property Buying Partner

We look at more than just a powerful algorithm - we evaluate all the factors about a property. Our Property Buying Partners' detailed review takes approximately 72 hours. Once it's completed, the Property Buying Partner will send you the offer to pass on to your seller for approval.

How we value your home

Help your seller review the offer

Your seller may have some questions about the offer which you can help answer. If your seller is happy with the offer, notify the Property Buying Partner via the Platform and work to organise the next steps in the Offerhive journey including the completion of the Memorandum of Sale.


Book a property inspection

Upon the completion of the Memorandum of Sale, organise an in-person visit to the property with the seller and the Property Buying Partner. This gives our Property Buying Partner an opportunity to verify the condition of the property.

What happens during a viewing assessment

Confirm purchase price and move to completion

Our Property Buying Partner will confirm the purchase price for you to pass on to the seller. If the seller remains happy with the price, the sale can proceed. You will be able to give your customer the choice for a completion and moving date, giving them a seamless selling experience.

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