Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is an iBuyer?

    "An iBuyer is a company that uses technology to make an offer on a property instantly." - Google. The advantage for the customer is a fast, secure sale with no need to list the property, arrange viewings or pay estate agency fees.

  • What information about my property will I need to share?

    Offerhive will present to you the information and details about your property from market-leading sources – we will ask you to review, edit and validate this information within the platform. Information such as: • Full address and postcode • Property type • Tenure – freehold/leasehold • Number of bedrooms • Number of bathrooms • Number of reception rooms • Features – e.g. garage, off-road parking, garden, conservatory

  • Will it cost me anything to receive an offer?

    No, we will give you a free, no-obligation offer on your property.

  • How long will it take to receive an offer?

    You will receive an offer within 72 working hours.

  • How do you value my home?

    • We gather data on your property and properties like yours Based on the details provided about your property and its condition, our powerful algorithms use data from market-leading sources to generate a Provisional Offer Range. Our data sources include Zoopla/Hometrack and Land Registry. • Detailed property review We look at more than just our powerful algorithm - we evaluate all the factors about your property. Our Property Buying Partners detailed review. Once it’s complete, we’ll send you their offer on your property.

  • Are there any types of property you will not purchase?

    Our Property Buying Partners will consider all properties; therefore, there are no types of properties that are ruled out of the Offerhive process up front. However, due to current market conditions, our Property Buying Partner will currently not offer on properties above £700,000

  • Can I still sell my home to Offerhive if it is on the market with another agent?

    Yes, you can; however, if your property is currently on the market with another estate agent, you may be liable under an existing Estate Agency Agreement to pay the fees outlined, depending on the terms set out in the agreement.

  • Is there an expiry date on my offer?

    Your offer from our Property Buying Partner will be valid for 14 days from the date the offer was provided.

  • Who carries out the property inspection?

    The property inspection will be carried out by a local and professional surveyor.

  • What happens during a property inspection?

    It will typically take around 2 hours and can be scheduled around your availability. During the inspection, the surveyor will check the condition of your property and confirm that it matches the description provided to generate the offer on your property.

  • How long does the sale process take?

    The time to process a sale is driven by the seller. However, the sales process can be completed in a minimum of 5 working days should that be required.

  • What happens to my home once I have sold it to an Offerhive Property Buying Partner?

    It is likely in most cases that the property will be resold; however, in some scenarios the Property Buying Partner may keep your property as a rental property.

  • Can I negotiate the offer with the Offerhive Property Buying Partner?

    Other property buying companies will initially offer high prices to customers to engage them, and then lower their offer once they have the seller engaged. We believe this is dishonest. Our Property Buying Partners will make you the highest offer they are able to make for your property from the very beginning, making this process a worry-free negotiation, as you know you will get the best price that the Property Buying Partner can make.

  • How do I accept an offer?

    You agent will contact you once your offer is received, to walk you through the offer and discuss next steps. If you would like to proceed with the offer, the agent will be able to accept this within the Offerhive platform and the process will proceed.

  • How will I receive documentation throughout the journey?

    You will receive all documentation via your assigned agent throughout the journey. Offerhive will also be in touch at certain checkpoints.

  • What if I don't know the date I'd like to complete on?

    That is no problem, our Property Buying Partner will work with you and your agent to agree the date that best suits your situation.

  • Can I use my own conveyancer?

    Yes, you can use your own conveyancer. We will not dictate the conveyancer that you must use for the process.


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